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South and North Puget Sound, San Juan Islands, Vancouver Islands, Desolation Sound, and the Broughton Archipelago

Always check the weather, tides and currents for the area you are paddling in!

This web page is a listing of multiple day paddles throughout the Northwest.  The purpose of tis web page is to give you some ideas of where you can go on overnight trips.  The paddles listed are ones that I have paddled,  you can use them as a guide or as an idea of where you might like to paddle.

Anytime you go be sure do your pre-trip planning to make sure you have the weather you want, the currents in your favor, and an adequate supply of food and water.  Please note many of the islands in the northwest do not have fresh water available and you will  have to carry an adequate supply.  I always pack an extra 1-2 days of food and water just in case of weather delays.

Reports without a link indicate that the report is scheduled to be written.  I am working between paddles get all of our trips documented! 

South Sound
North Sound

Lummi Island Circumnavigation (2011)

San Juan Islands

Sucia Island Paddle (2011)

Spencer Spit Paddle (2008)

San Juan Island Circumnavigation (2015)

Lopez Island Circumnavigation(2016)

Gulf Islands

Gulf Islands Paddle - 2012

Gulf Islands Paddle - 2003

Nanaimo to Anacortes Paddle

Vancouver Island

Broughton Archipelago - In Work

Barkley Sound (Broken Group) (2003)

Barkley Sound (Broken Group) (2013)  

Cortes Island Paddle


British Columbia

Desolation Sound

Desolation Sound 2016

Bowron Lakes Circuit

River Paddles

Columbia River Paddle

Willamette River Paddle (Upper)  (2014)

Willamette River Paddle (Lower)  (2013)

Upper Missouri River Breaks (Coming Soon)

Other Paddles

Glacier Bay National Park (Alaska)

Aqua Verde (Loreto) to El Portuguese (La Paz) Paddle

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