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This page is a consolidation of all the tide, current and weather information for the Northwest and BC paddle areas. 

Please be sure to check the tides before you head out, it may only avoid the embarrassment of arriving at your launch site and finding no water nearby!  The worst case is that the ebbing tide keeps you from getting to your exit point and being stuck waiting for the water to return.  Avoid getting out in tidal flats since the mud can be quiet deep and it has been know to entrap unsuspecting people.

When planning crossings or paddling through narrow channels areas check your currents.  We have areas throughout Puget Sound where the currents can easily exceed 5+ kts.  You cannot paddle against this level of current and you are very likely to encounter strong rip tides and other current generated waves.

Always know your weather, especially the wind forecasts.  Winds can quickly take a nice trip and turn into a nightmare.  Be knowledgeable and stay alive!

Tide and Current Resources Links
Education NOAA Tide Education Resources

Paddling with Tides - The Basics
NOAA Tide Education
NOAA Current Education Resources
Tide*  and Current Tables NOAA Tide Tables for:

NOAA Current Tables

Canadian Tides & Currents
British Columbia (Gulf Islands & Vancouver Island)
Graphical Tides* and Currents Prediction Online Web Programs

US Harbors

Tides and Solunar Tables

WWW Tide and Current Predictor
Weather Forecasts Washington Marine Forecast Center NWS Marine Portal
(Graphic W
eather Forecast Map)
BC Weather Forecasts
Tide Applications (PC & Mobile Apps (IOS, Android, & Win 8)) Tideschart

Tides in United States and for around the world

Windows Phone App

Windows Phone App

Tides, gs
Android Phone Apps

American Tide

Other Tide and currents software availble on Google Play
IOS Tide Apps


Tides by Mobile Geographics

* I am providing links to several tide web pages most use the same data set and the primary difference is how the data is displayed. This list is only a sample of prediction programs available to you.

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