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The Northwest is a fantastic place to live.  My friends and I enjoy kayaking the waters of Puget Sound and other waters in our region.  This joy has inspired me to build this web site so that I can share the places that my friends and I have paddled.  Every route shown here has been paddled by us. 

I hope that this web site can become a resource for other paddlers to use in exploring the Northwest.

This has been a good year...lots of sunshine and great adventures.  This is the year we paddled Glacier Bay National Park Alaska.   What a great adventure... and hopefully just one more of many yet to go..  so many places to paddle and so little time to get them all in!

 I hope you are getting on the water to enjoy it!

I am working on the web site when I have time and I am striving to make this as complete a kayak guide for Puget Sound as possible.  If you have suggestions for improving any of my web pages you can contact me via E-Mail. 


Added: Multi-Day Trip Index with links to trip reports. 

Added Glacier Bay 2015 Trip Report!

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  • IMGP0022
  • Day_Tourinbg Kayak
  • hand_camp
  • IMGP0114
  • IMGP0158
  • Chuck_Composite
  • Chuck_John_Hopkins
  • Conrad_me
  • Day_6_John_hopkins_ice_1
  • Day_6_John_hopkins_lunch
  • Glacier_Bay_1
  • IMGP0051
  • IMGP0089
  • Wallace Island Welcome Committee
  • Day_1_camp
  • Ble_Ruins_Dinner
  • keizer_Camp_Site_2
IMGP00171 IMGP00222 Day_Tourinbg Kayak3 hand_camp4 IMGP01145 IMGP01586 Chuck_Composite7 Chuck_John_Hopkins8 Conrad_me9 Day_6_John_hopkins_ice_110 Day_6_John_hopkins_lunch11 Glacier_Bay_112 IMGP005113 IMGP008914 Wallace Island Welcome Committee15 Day_1_camp16 Ble_Ruins_Dinner17 Chatoe_Rogue_me18 keizer_Camp_Site_219
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