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The Northwest is a fantastic place to live.  My friends and I enjoy kayaking the waters of Puget Sound.  This joy has inspired me to build this web site so that I can share the places that my friends and I have paddled.  Every route shown here has been paddled by us. 

I hope that this web site can become a resource for other paddlers to use in exploring the Northwest.

It looks like 2015 is off to a great start with the weather.  We have had lots of sunshine. With the fantastic weather it's time to start  kayaking!!!  If you haven't hit the water yet then it's time to dust off that kayak, find all the gear, and let's get paddling.

I know that we have some great plans for paddles this year and looking at getting at least one bucket list paddle in this year. 

We are having great weather,  I hope you are getting on the water to enjoy it!

I am working on the web site when I have time and I am striving to make this as complete a kayak guide for Puget Sound as possible.  If you have suggestions for improving any of my web pages you can contact me via E-Mail. 


Added:  Kayak Launch Site Map - thanks to  Shows you all the identified/known kayak/canoe, SUP launch sites available in the US.  You can find it on the Kayak Planning Tools pull down menu.

Added:  Tide and Current Information Page - Consolidated all education, weather, tide and current prediction tools and programs on one web page for easy access.

Added: Multi-Day Trip Index with links to trip reports.  Access the index by clicking on Pacific Northwest Paddles and selecting Multi-Day Paddle Trips.  Added new trip reports to the menu and am working to redo all extended day paddles,

Changed:  All NEW day and multi-day trips format updated and will use embedded Google Maps to show the paddle route.

Updated:  Fixed numerous broken links in Menu system.

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