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The Northwest is a fantastic place to live.  My friends and I enjoy kayaking the waters of Puget Sound and other waters in our region.  This joy has inspired me to build this web site so that I can share the places that my friends and I have paddled.  Every route shown here has been paddled by us. 

I hope that this web site can become a resource for other paddlers to use in exploring the Northwest.

Another summer season is upon us!  It has been a mixed bag on weather with some really great days, followed by some really not so great.  It has been a slow start to the paddle season for me this year.  Hopefully it will get better has the weather improves.

We wrapped up a Memorial Day 4 day paddle around Lopez Island two days early as the weather turned wet and very windy.  Let's hope for better in the next few months as we plan and execute our trips.

Have a question about paddling or need/want to know about paddling here in Puget Sound drop me an e-mail, always happy to share.

I am working on the web site when I have time and I am striving to make this as complete a kayak guide for Puget Sound as possible.  If you have suggestions for improving any of my web pages you can contact me via E-Mail. 


Added: Multi-Day Trip Index with links to trip reports. 

Desolation Sound Trip Report! (revised)

  • IMGP0017
  • IMGP0022
  • Day_Tourinbg Kayak
  • hand_camp
  • IMGP0114
  • IMGP0158
  • Chuck_Composite
  • Chuck_John_Hopkins
  • Conrad_me
  • Day_6_John_hopkins_ice_1
  • Day_6_John_hopkins_lunch
  • Glacier_Bay_1
  • IMGP0051
  • IMGP0089
  • Wallace Island Welcome Committee
  • Day_1_camp
  • Ble_Ruins_Dinner
  • keizer_Camp_Site_2
IMGP00171 IMGP00222 Day_Tourinbg Kayak3 hand_camp4 IMGP01145 IMGP01586 Chuck_Composite7 Chuck_John_Hopkins8 Conrad_me9 Day_6_John_hopkins_ice_110 Day_6_John_hopkins_lunch11 Glacier_Bay_112 IMGP005113 IMGP008914 Wallace Island Welcome Committee15 Day_1_camp16 Ble_Ruins_Dinner17 Chatoe_Rogue_me18 keizer_Camp_Site_219
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