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Northwest Kayak Information Center

The Northwest is a fantastic place to live.  My friends and I enjoy kayaking the waters of Puget Sound.  This joy has inspired me to build this web site so that I can share the places that my friends and I have paddled.  Every route shown here has been paddled by us. 

I hope that this web site can become a resource for other paddlers to use in exploring the Northwest.

We are well into the paddling season.  We have had a couple of great adventures and I will be adding the trip logs to the web soon.  We paddled the Williamette River from Eugene, OR to Wheatland (just below Salem).  With our paddle from Salem to West Linn last year that completes the Williamette River.  We just returned from a 12 day paddle going from Nanaimo, BC to Anacortes.  Great fun...great adventure...will get this paddle posted also.

Be sure to check the Kayaking resource menu for some great information and if you are looking for some options on Vancouver Island there are some outfitters listed there that may be a good resource for information or, if you need it, guiding services.  Stay sure to plan your paddles, keep a eye on the weather, tides and the currents and you will be sure to have fun!

I am working on the web site when I have time and I am striving to make this as complete a kayak guide for Puget Sound as possible.  If you have suggestions for improving any of my web pages you can contact me via E-Mail. 

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