Owens Beach (Pt Defiance) to Dockton

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Launch Point

Owens Beach (Pt. Defiance Park)

Max Difficulty:  SK II/III
Paddle Length/Time 13.3 nm / 15.3 sm / 5+ Hours
Tide/Current Station Dalco Pt & Quartermaster Hbr (inside)/Quartermaster Hbr
Destination Dockton Park, Vashon
Description This is a full day paddle.  Launch from Owens Beach and paddle across Dalco Passage, currents are light and variable here.  Cross over to Vashon Island and proceed up the shore.  Watch out for the Pt Defiance to Vashon ferry...it does have right away.  Enter into Quartermaster Harbor and head north along the shoreline.  Cross over once you get abeam Maury Island and paddle along the shore to Dockton.  This is a relatively sheltered paddle except for the Dalco Passage crossing.  You can have lunch at Dockton Park or extend the paddle a little by going on to Burton Park.  Follow the west shoreline back out of Quartermaster and across to Owens Beach.  Nice extended range paddle.
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