Owens Beach to Gig Harbor

Launch Point

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Max Difficulty: SK IV
Paddle Length/Time 7.5 nm/ 8.6 sm/ 3 hours
Tide/Current Station Gig Harbor/ The Narrows (N end)
Destination Gig Harbor
Description Launch from Owens Beach in Pt Defiance.   A strong rip may be present as you leave Pt Defiance...you can reduce the rip by paddling further north away from the Narrows.  Plan your crossing to minimize the current.  Once across paddle into Gig Harbor.  The harbor opening is narrow watch for power boats coming and out.  This si a very active harbor for pleasure boaters. cruise through the harbor exploring the shoreline.  A great stop is at the Tides Tavern where good drink and food can be found.  the Tides has an extensive dock for small boats.  The return trip is a reverse of the inbound.  You can explore the further north along the Peninsula shoreline and then across to Pt Defiance.  A great day trip!
Notes and Warnings Study the currents carefully as there is a very strong current that is generated by The Narrows.  Current speed can reach speeds of 4.1+ kts! 
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