Upper Case Inlet (Allyn to Vaughn Bay)

Updated: 10/8/2011
Launch Point


Allyn Waterfront Park

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Max Difficulty:  SK I/II
Paddle Length/Time 11 sm / 9.3 nm / 4 hours paddling
Tide/Current Station Allyn Case Inlet/Pickering N  No significant currents. Tidal curent and the entrance to Vaughn can be strong due to the restricted opening.
Destination Vaugh Bay Spit
Description Launch from the Allyn Waterfront Park.  Avoid low tide as the area will get quite muddy between the shore and water.  If you do launch at low tide use the dock.

Paddle across case inlet to the east side anmd then down the coastline to Rocky Bay and finally into Vaughn Bay.  The opening to Vaugh Bay is approximatly 75 yds wide, the tidal currents entering/leaving can be strong depending on which way the tide runs.  On the return trip head across Case Inlet to Reach island, using caution if there are winds out of the south as it is a long reac.  The crossing is about 1.4 miles, go around Reach island and pass through the chanel between Reach and the mainland heading back up to Allyn.  This should be a nice relaxed paddle with great scenery and lots of nice homes along the coast.  You'll run into seals around the north end of reach.

This is a quiet area with lots of homes along the coast and is a relaxing paddle. 

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