Dash Point Park to Redondo 

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Launch Point Dash Point Park 

(NOT the State Park!)

Max Difficulty: SK I/II
Destination Redondo - Salty's for Brunch ($$$$) or picnic on the beach
Duration 6 hours
Description This trip is approximately 10 miles long.  The trip combines the best of two worlds....great paddling and excellent eating opportunity. 

Paddle from Dash Point Park up the coast to Redondo, you can eithe do a picnic on the beach or on the weekends have the  Brunch at Salty's ($$$ Check with Salty's for availability an hours) and then back to Dash Point.  Reservations are a must

Enjoy the coastline and the homes along the shoreline and the eagles that cruise the shore.  Be careful at low tide you need to stay off shore a bit to avoid the mud!

Good partking at Dash Point early, sunny days this park gets busy.
Tides and Current Infomation:
Always check before going!
  Des Moines Tital Information (nearest station)
Last Update: 10/9/2011