Twanoh State Park to Lynch Cove


Launch Point  Twanoh State Park
Launch Time 10:30 AM
Max Difficulty:  SKI/II
Destination Lynch Cove/Belfair State Park
Duration  5+ hour Paddle.  We need to plan the tides to ensure that the mud flats in Lynch Cove are covered.  We will stop for lunch at Belfair State Park.
Tide Information  


  Tides for Lynch Cove Dock (Jun 22)    
High/Low Time Height Ft
High 12:20 AM 12.2
Low  7:22 AM 3.9
High  12:52 PM 7.7
Low   6:10 PM 4.3
Tides for Union
High 12:21 AM 11.9
Low 7:26 AM 3.8 
High 12:53 PM 7.5
Low 6:14 PM 4.2