La Conner to Hope Island

Text Box: Rest Stop
Text Box: E 2.0 kts
Text Box: F 2.3 kts

Launch Point:  La Conner Boat Ramp  
Max Difficulty:  SKIII  
Destination:    Hope Island  
Duration:  6 hours total  

Trip notes.  During low tide the mudflats extend out about 2 miles from the launch point.  This will keep you in the channel which is approximately 300-400' wide.  It will add some additional distance to the paddle. Watch for the currents on the west side of the bay.  Hope island is very pretty and makes for a nice rest stop.  On the return trip plan a stop on Goat Island,  climbing to the top reveals the remains of an coastal gun emplacement from the early 1900's.  Te currents in the Swinoish Channel are hard to predict but usually run north during the flood.   For additional information see Kayaking Puget Sound by R. Washbourne, page 130.