Deception Pass


Launch Point  Cornet Bay
Date:  July 13, 2002
Max Difficulty: IV/V (Potential Currents)
Destination  Skagit Island via Deception Pass.  This can be an extremely challenging paddle.  Currents in excess of 7 knots may be encountered if you don't plan correctly.  You should only attempt this paddle if you comfortable in currents and you can interpret the current charts.  The best time to transition the pass is at slack water just before the flood, slack in Deception pass doesn't last long so plan on paddling in just prior to slack.  There are places on the south side of the pass to pull out of the current and rest or allow motor boat traffic to pass.  Once clear of the pass paddle north and return via Canoe Pass and let the flood push you down to Skagit Island.  There is a strong (2+kts) current between Hope and Ala Spit.  Plan ferrying across and then paddling in the back eddy.  This can be an exhilarating paddle if planned right and a disaster if wrong!  Use caution!
Duration  4-5 hours