Chuckanut Bay

September 6


Launch Point

 Larabee State Park

Launch Time 10:30 (Meet at 10)
Max Difficulty:  SK III
Destination Chuckanut Island 
Duration  5 hours (approximately 9 miles)
Description Launch out of Wildcat Cove (Larabee State Park ($5 Launch fee and there may be a parking fee)) and paddle north along the rocky shore to Chuckanut Bay, paddle across the Bay to see the fossils on the far shore.  Plan a lunch stop on Chuckanut Island and then return to Wildcat Cove. Watch for the winds there is a long fetch from the north.  This is a very pleasant and scenic paddle.

For those up to it well plan a dinner stop at the Skagit River Brewery in Mt. Vernon!!!


Tide Information

Sa   6     High  12:04 AM     7.7   6:34 AM     Set  1:21 AM      76
        6     Low   8:08 AM    -0.9   7:42 PM    Rise  6:26 PM
        6     High   4:16 PM     8.5
         6    Low   9:25 PM     6.4